About Us – Nolita

Nolita Diamonds was established in 2018 by Jennifer Victor. The name is directly inspired by the charming upscale neighborhood of Nolita in Manhattan.


After Jennifer completed her Bachelor's Degree, she worked her way up in the World Famous NYC Diamond District. She spent 5 years working in various roles as a Messenger, Salesperson, and Bridal Consultant. Eventually she followed her true passion and began designing and curating her own jewelry line. Thus, Nolita Diamonds was born!  

The Nolita Diamonds brand is all about empowering women who are, or aspiring to be girl bosses. Nolita Diamonds offers everyday, timeless pieces that are the ultimate way to treat yourself. We design high quality pieces that won't break the bank so everyone can feel like the ultimate NYC “It Girl” no matter where you are from. It's not just a brand, it's a LIFESTYLE